Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is a 1999 movie directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Foxx, James Woods, LL Cool J, Matthew Modine, John C. McGinley, Charlton Heston, Ann-Margret, Lauren Holly, Bill Bellamy, Lela Rochon, Elizabeth Berkley, and WWE wrestler Marty Wright (also known as the Boogeyman). The movie also featured many real-life former football greats including Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Y.A. Tittle, Pat Toomay, Warren Moon, Johnny Unitas, Barry Switzer, Emmitt Smith, and current football player Terrell Owens. NFL player agent Drew Rosenhaus also is featured in the film (coincidentally, Rosenhaus is now Owens' Agent).

The movie was filmed in Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas. The movie disguises the Orange Bowl stadium as the home of a fictitious football team, the Miami Sharks, and disguises the Texas Stadium as the home of another fictitious team, the Dallas Knights. Both teams, along with many others created just for the film, belong to the fictitious sports league the Associated Football Franchises of America or AFFA (loosely based on the real-life USFL). Al Pacino plays the coach of the Miami Sharks and Cameron Diaz plays the team owner.

The action is centered on four pivotal characters: coach Tony D'Amato (Pacino), quarterbacks Cap Rooney (Quaid) and Willie Beamen (Foxx), and the owner of the team Christina Pagniacci (Diaz). When starter Jack "Cap" Rooney is sacked and seriously injured in a game which the Sharks are losing, and backup QB Tyler Cherubini is injured, D'Amato is obliged to bring on third-stringer Beamen. Beamen makes a significant contribution to the team, and his spectacular progress reinvigorates the Sharks to the extent that they make the play-offs. However, Beamen's style antagonises D'Amato, not least because he deliberately ignores the plays which D'Amato calls.

Against this background, there is antagonism between D'Amato and Pagniacci, who is determined to modernise the team and progress; D'Amato, a traditionalist, resents her intrusion into aspects of the game which he considers to be his own domain as coach.
Spoilers end here.

Nearly all in this film are dynamic characters; that is, there is a significant change in their actions, beliefs, and priorities occurring over the course of the movie. In a significant part of the movie, when Willie dines with Coach D'Amato, he shares his views about how the game should be played, and how he is really just trying to win. The coach eventually buys into this philosophy. Similarly, Willie begins to trust his coach after his sincere pre-game speech (He had earlier said his halftime speeches were "Coaching bullshit"). The team quits antagonizing Willie, and even Julian buys into the team philosophy. Christina realizes that winning and money are not as important as trust and continuing her family legacy.

This film also depicts the dark side of professional football, including drug use, partying, sex, flaring tempers, and gambling.

The film is particularly notable for the quality of the photography and editing by Salvatore Totino.

Fictional teams

Other than the Miami Sharks, other teams in the fictitious AFFA that played a large part in the story were the:

* Minnesota Americans
* Chicago Rhinos
* California Crusaders
* New York Emperors
* Dallas Knights

After the first game, we get a quick look at the entire Miami Sharks schedule for the season. Other team included were the:

* Seattle Prospects
* Colorado Blizzard
* Washington Lumbermen
* Los Angeles Breakers
* Kansas Twisters
* Arizona Rattlers
* Houston Cattlemen
* Wisconsin Icemen

During a press confrence D'Amato mentions his team lost to San Francisco, their team name was never mentioned.


Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino) - The head coach of the Miami Sharks. He is a traditional coach and considers the team and its players under his rule. He is in constant conflict with team owner Christina Pagniacci (Diaz) who tries to control what happens on the field and in the locker room. He acts as the glue holding the team together.

Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) - The owner of the Miami Sharks. She attempts to take a more hands-on approach to the team than the former owner - her father. She tries to make the team more modern. In doing these things she comes into conflict with Coach D'Amato. She also begins political maneuvers that cause confrontation with the AFFA Commissioner and the Mayor of Miami.

Jack 'Cap' Rooney (Dennis Quaid) - The starting quarterback of the Miami Sharks. He is an aging veteran who faces conflicts with team personnel and his own family, especially his wife Cindy (Lauren Holly). He eventually is injured in a game and is replaced but tries to make a comeback later on.

Dr. Harvey Mandrake (James Woods) - The team physician for the Miami Sharks. He is a crooked doctor who risks the injury of players to enable the team to have a better shot at winning. He is later fired after his practices are discovered by his intern.

Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) - The third-string quarterback for the Miami Sharks. He eventually becomes the starter for the team and is very successful. Because of his success, Beamen becomes very arrogant and actually changes plays the coach calls or calls his own plays. He begins a singing career and even ask the team owner for a date. He comes in conflict with other players on the team as well as coaches too.

Julian Washington (LL Cool J) - The starting running back for the Sharks. He is a very good back but becomes increasingly angry at Beamen for his cockiness and tendencies to call plays away from him. He is alternately motivated by incentive clauses in his contract.

Luther 'Shark' Lavay (Lawrence Taylor) - The captain of the defense. Harvey has hidden that Shark is suffering from a previous injury. If he suffers a serious hit again, he may be killed or permanently disabled. The team's intern doctor informs him of the condition and Shark faces losing money from not making his incentive pay if he takes the doctor's advice. He also has a confrontation with Willie Beamen over the role of offense vs. defense in football.

Dr. Ollie Powers (Matthew Modine) - The intern doctor for the team and Harvey's nephew. He discovers Harvey covering for players who are suffering from near-career-ending injuries but are dosing on painkillers, steroids, and hormones to cover the pain. He faces his own dilemma in the need to relieve the players' pain vs. prescribing too much medication for the addicted players.

Jack Rose (John C. McGinley) - A prominant sports reporter with his own cable show; a thinly disguised impression of Jim Rome. He shows an incredible distaste for all things D'Amato.

* The Arizona Rattlers are an actual team of the arena football league.
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