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Coast to Coast AM is a late-night syndicated radio talk show which deals with a variety of topics, but usually ones that relate to the paranormal. It was created by Art Bell, airs seven nights a week 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time, and is distributed by Premiere Radio Networks. It is currently hosted by George Noory weekdays and Art Bell on the weekends.

Coast to Coast mostly emphasizes very unusual topics, and is full of personal stories related by callers. While program content varies, most nights are focused toward the paranormal, and subjects such as the occult, remote viewing, hauntings, shadow people, psychic predictions, conspiracy theories, UFOs, crop circles, cryptozoology and science fiction literature, among other paranormal topics. Since the terrorist attacks carried out in the United States on September 11, 2001, the events of that day (as well as conspiracy theories surrounding them) and current U.S. counter-terrorism strategy have also become frequent themes. However, more conventional topics are sometimes discussed, with interviews with notable authors and political talk sometimes featured.

After the theme song is played (Giorgio Moroder's The Chase from Midnight Express), the broadcast is typically kicked off with a reading of current events or news stories by the host, with callers weighing in if time permits. This is usually followed by a lengthy interview with the evening's guest, or hours of open phone lines. Occasionally, roundtable discussions are held on one of the show's common topics.

During hours of "open lines", calls are taken and put on air without any screening, at least according to original host Art Bell. More recently, under George Noory, open lines have added topics for callers to share their experiences or stories about a particular issue or situation. The show has multiple call-in numbers, of which there are always at least five (as of 2005): for "east of the Rockies", "west of the Rockies", first-time callers, "international callers" and finally a "wild card" line. They are all announced at the beginning of each broadcast by Ross Mitchell. The shows opening, which is now famous, had been spoofed on the now defunct nationally-syndicated Phil Hendrie Show, with Hendrie imitating Mitchell's trademark deep voice and repeating his one phone number for all four lines. On special occasions, Coast to Coast AM rolls out more numbers, including lines that are reserved for special "themed" callers, for example those who claim to be from other dimensions, time periods, and those possessed by spirits.

The Halloween edition of Coast to Coast becomes Ghost to Ghost, as listeners call in with their ghost stories. The New Year's Eve show usually entails listeners calling in their predictions for the coming year, and the host (commonly Art Bell) rating the predictions made a year earlier. In recent years, the host of the New Year's Eve prediction show preface open line predictions that callers may not predict the assination or death of the president. Apparently such predictions made in the past have resulted in visits from the Secret Service to the host's home.

Coast to Coast was created by veteran broadcaster Art Bell in the mid 1980s. Originally called West Coast AM, it aired on Las Vegas, Nevada radio station KDWN 720. Bell hosted the program each weeknight from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM Pacific Time, live from the KDWN studios in the Union Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. In addition to his show, Bell did radio commercials and other voiceover work for the station.

Bell's program was syndicated in 1990 as Coast to Coast AM and began airing on more stations. For a while it still kept the 1:00 AM starting time, but then moved to 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM and then to the present 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM schedule to better serve other time zones. Soon, Bell hosted the program every weeknight and Sundays from his residence in the town of Pahrump, located in Nye County, Nevada (often referred to on the program as The Kingdom of Nye). Bell is a skilled interviewer, drawing out his callers' improbable stories with a poker-faced but confidence-inspiring, "Oh, really?" He has retired and returned to the show many times since 1998; the first "retirement" lasted two weeks, and was brought on by alleged threats against his family. Art Bell's first successor as host of Coast to Coast was Mike Siegel.

In 2001, Siegel stepped down as host due to pressure from Premiere Radio Networks and Bell, as ratings and affiliates fell sharply during his tenure. Bell then returned to weekday hosting duties, only to depart again the following year due to chronic back pain. He was replaced by frequent guest-host George Noory, and the weekday program officially became Coast to Coast AM with George Noory by the end of 2002.

Bell made another comeback in 2003, this time replacing Barbara Simpson and Ian Punnett on the weekend broadcasts. Then in June 2005, he announced that he would be reducing his role to just two Sundays a month to leave more time for traveling with his wife. He also disclosed that Ian Punnett and Hilly Rose would take over the new vacancies. Previously, Rose had been a frequent guest-host of the program, and Punnett had regularly hosted Sunday evening broadcasts years ago. However, following the passing of his wife, Ramona Bell, on January 5, 2006, Art decided to return to the air on Saturdays and Sundays, stating in an emotion-filled[1] broadcast on Sunday, January 22, 2006, that he needed to keep busy. On April 8, 2006, concluding several months of mourning, Art Bell, 60, married 21 year old Airyn Ruiz, a resident of the Philippines whom he came to know through internet "dating." Art relocated to the Philippines and resumed hosting the show as of June 15, 2006, but has had difficulties with an ISDN line and hosts weekends as technology permits. Otherwise, George Noory substitute hosts the Sunday versions or a tape is played of a previous show. Saturdays are guest hosted when Bell is unavailable. On Saturday from 9 pm to 1 am Eastern Time, Punnett hosts Coast To Coast Live, a spin-off of the original Coast to Coast AM, covering similar topics. He occasionally hosts the regular Saturday edition of Coast to Coast as well, making an eight hour shift.

On the Thursday Dec. 28th, 2006 show, Art Bell, filling in for the vacationing George Noory, announced that he was once again broadcasting from his longtime hometown of Pahrump, in Nye County, Nevada. He and his new wife Airyn made the flight from Manila to the US, his return to the US was kept secret. During his 8 month stay in the Philippines, Art married Airyn, is now expecting a baby and Airyn is awaiting her status as a legal resident of the US. An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale occurred in Tae-Won, sending a 3 ft. Tsunami towards the Philippines islands. Had Art not left Manila at the time he did, he would not have been able to do the Dec. 28th, 2006 show as all communications to the Philippines were cut off, including the ISDN line that Bell used send his broadcast to the US. Bell stated that he "has no interest in returning to a 5-day work schedule" and will remain the Coast to Coast Am's Saturday and Sunday night host. Art's return sparked a deluge of "welcome back calls" from callers across North America. Many callers stated that they were shocked and pleasantly surprised at Art's return to the US. 8 months allowed Bell to acclimatize to the 90° weather and 100% humidity encountered in the Philippines. Airyn being a Philipino Native along with Art, were simply shocked by the 39°F temperature and the 55mph winds as they deplaned in the US. Art decided to leave his HAM (amateur) radio equipement in the Philippines as checking it at customs on his flight to the Philippines was a difficulty he wanted to avoid on his way back to the US.

George Noory remains host of the weeknight editions. He broadcasts from, alternately, Los Angeles, California and St. Louis, Missouri, and has had a continually positive effect on the program's ratings. He is consistently nonjudgmental in his responses to callers' comments, seemingly accepting at face value the credibility of their reported experience. He has promised listeners that he will "stick around" to host the show through 2012; his wish is to report on whatever might occur in relation to the many predictions of the world ending (or at least changing significantly) that year, as purportedly anticipated by the Mayan calendar, alleged bible code, and a number of spiritualist and other fantasy writers, prognosticators, predictors, shamans, the witch doctorate, and assorted prophets. Recently, Noory retracted that statement and now says that he will stay until he is "dragged out."

Coast to Coast is broadcast on about 500 United States affiliates, as well as numerous Canadian affiliates, several of which stream the show on their station's website. Coast to Coast's Streamlink offers live Internet feeds of the show by subscription. The program is also broadcast on XM Satellite Radio in the United States, on Talk Radio 165. Currently, the XM channel is not available to XM Radio Canada subscribers due to CanCon regulations limiting content produced outside of Canada. In addition, XM's operational assistance agreeement with Clear Channel provides the satcaster with exclusive rights to all Clear Channel content, and doesn't permit the broadcast of Coast to Coast AM on competitor Sirius Satellite Radio.

Frequent Guests:

* Discussing the subjects of new animal discoveries and the sightings of Bigfoot, Yeti, Nessie, and other cryptids, in a down-to-earth fashion, cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman has been a program guest over a dozen times.
* Richard C. Hoagland - A controversial theorist in issues relating to NASA's activities, space anomalies and alleged extraterrestrial architecture (the Face on Mars, structures on the Moon, anomalies in the moons of Jupiter and Saturn)
* Alex Jones - An American radio host, conspiracy theorist, and filmmaker.
* Michio Kaku - A mainstream theoretical physicist. Dr. Kaku is typically drawn into discussions that find him explaining string theory, quantum physics, astrophysics, and other hard sciences in easily understandable and very entertaining ways.
* Dr. Louis Turi - A self-promoted hypnotherapist and "astropsychologist," author of 4 books, and motivational speaker. Turi is most famous for the reputed science of "postdiction", in which he produces and posts to internet sites a vast amount of data derived from numerology, none of which apparently predicts any obvious event. After a significant event, Turi mines through this data and claims "hits".
* Lionel Fanthorpe - Lionel Fanthorpe was born in England and has worked as a journalist and teacher. He is currently Director of Media Studies at Cardiff Academy and claims to be a fully ordained Anglican Priest working part-time and unpaid for the Church in Wales. Lionel is President of ASSAP (the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and is also the President of BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association). He's now a popular TV and Radio presenter and celebrity guest on chat shows. Lionel is also the author of over 250 books.

Below is a list of some widely popular or regular listener callers to the show.

* Jonathan Christian Webster or J.C. – An alleged fundamentalist Christian male who claims to be the leader of a Christian religious group called CLAMP (Christian Legion Against Media Pornography.) J.C. has also been a guest, taking calls from listeners.
* Oscar - A self-proclaimed demonic spirit that is allegedly ‘possessing’ the body of a Coast to Coast listener.
* Mel Waters - "Owner" of Mel's Hole, a bottomless pit.
* Phil Hill or UFO Phil - A song writer (focusing on the paranormal) and UFOlogist who claims to have been abducted by aliens, built a time machine from a converted bomb shelter, and successfully cloned a cat (although the clone apparently looks nothing like the original).

Dreamland was another Art Bell creation, nearly identical to Coast-to-Coast AM but less caller driven. Bell hosted Dreamland on early Sunday evenings, until he relinquished control of the show to Whitley Strieber. It continued to precede Coast-to-Coast AM on most affiliate stations on Sunday nights but moved to Saturday night (after Premiere Radio began to syndicate Matt Drudge) and then dropped the program entirely. It is now heard over the Internet exclusively.

Dreamland continues to focus on many of the same topics as its sister program, although often with a more spiritual point-of-view, as well as an increased emphasis on extra-terrestrials.

The name Dreamland was, in fact, at one time a radio call sign for the control tower at the The Air Force's Operating Location Near Groom Lake, Nevada, as described by the government in legal documents, but more commonly known as Area 51.

The radio show publishes a newsletter for subscribers called After Dark. It discusses matters covered on the show in greater detail.

Coast to Coast AM is spoofed in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, as a radio segment on WCTR aptly-named Area 53. Area 53's host and callers would make ludicrous claims, such as video games giving people malaria, or cheese being the "new weapon in the fight against communism". The show's slogan is "prepare to be appalled".

In 2006, Bell was featured in the video game "Prey" and played himself. He hosts, as in real life, Coast to Coast AM, and the player is able to listen to the broadcast at several terminals throughout the game. The broadcasts detail what is happening on Earth during the time of the game.

Sean Hogan released a song in 2006 called "Conspiracy Radio" about Coast to Coast Am and Art Bell.

Coast to Coast has been criticized by rationalists and skeptics for its promotion of pseudoscience because callers and guests are rarely challenged to defend their views despite how unlikely or impossible the claims are.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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