David Ayoub

David Ayoub, MD, is a radiologist at the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, the director of the Prairie Collaborative for Immunization Safety, an organization that provides information to organizations, journalists, and legislators regarding vaccines. He is also the medical director of Foundation for Autism Information and Research, Inc. (FAIR).

In 1977, as a senior at Peoria (Central) High School, Ayoub became the Illinois state track and field half mile champion, clocking a time of 1:48.86 at the Illinois state meet. His time was the fastest by any half miler in the United States that year, and it still stands as the Illinois state high school record. According to Ayoub's coach Phil Salzer, the mark was the third fastest among all half mile times recorded anywhere in the world that year as well. Throughout his high school career, Ayoub was dominant in both the quarter mile, the longest event considered to be a sprint, and the half mile, a middle distance event. He went undeafeated through every outdoor race he entered in Illinois during his high school career in both events. Running for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1980, he was the Big Ten Conference indoor champion in the 1,000 yard run. "I had a reasonable shot at making the 1980 Olympic Trials," Ayoub says, "but I think I wanted to be a doctor a little bit more." He is a member of the Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame, in recognition of his achievements.

As an undergraduate in 1983, Ayoub was first author of a paper in the journal Science on differences between neurons in the brains of male and female juvenile macaque monkeys, a hot topic of the time. This produced national media coverage.

At some point shortly after the start of his publishing career, David Ayoub's beliefs seemed to take on something of a revision and he began to become noisy in regards to the role he believed vaccines play in certain conspiracy theories. Ayoub gave an interview to Radio Liberty entitled 'Linking mercury in vaccines to global population control' in Jan 2006 [4] and made references to New World Order conspiracy theories in a video recorded presentation when he claimed that following an article Lisa Reagen had written which mentioned that an IOM committee member was a member of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation), she

"...told me (Ayoub) she had black helicopters flying over her house for three weeks after that."

As part of that same videoed presentation, Ayoub described UNICEF as being about:

"...coercive population control, coercive reproductive, coercive abortion, coercive sterilisation..."

Ayoub lectures throughout the United States, at Defeat Autism Now! conferences and for other groups, claiming a growing amount of scientific evidence suggests a connection between vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders. He has also testified before the Illinois and Massachusetts state legislatures about the dangers of vaccines. Although concerns about vaccines are largely dismissed by most medical authorities, Ayoub states "the evidence is clear that mercury in thiomersal containing vaccines is playing a large role in the autism epidemic."

Ayoub has said[citation needed] that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have backed marginal research and unsupported policies because of conflicts of interest.[citation needed] Ayoub is especially critical of what he describes[citation needed] as doublespeak coming out of federal health agencies charged with safeguarding public health, saying "They're saying (thimerosal) causes no harm, but get it out (of vaccines) as soon as possible."[citation needed] Ayoub further asserts, "Contradicting its own policy, the CDC then increased mercury exposure to the fetus and infant by allowing the inoculation of pregnant women and young infants with the mercury-containing influenza vaccine."

Ayoub's research has been summarized in a CD: The Science and Politics of Vaccine-Induced Autism.

Ayoub's involvement in the Autism debate and his position as the medical director of FAIR has been criticized by a minority[citation needed] of autism-rights activists due to his lack of credentials in the studies of either autism or toxicology. He has also not published any peer-reviewed studies on autism or mercury.


* "The autism epidemic is largely the result of heavy pharmaceutical industry influence. To prevent future tragedies, we need major reform."Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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