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Gary Patrick Dell'Abate (born March 14, 1961) is the producer of The Howard Stern Show and co-host of The Wrap-Up Show. He is the father of two sons, Jackson, born in 1994, and Lucas, born in 1997.

Gary Dell'Abate was born in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island, to parents Sal, an ice cream salesman and recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for bravery for his service in World War II, and Ellen, who collected statues of Saints. As a child, he was molested by a babysitter who promised him chocolate if they would engage in sexual activity. He attended Adelphi University where he interned at several college radio stations. While interning with Roz Frank, a traffic reporter on WNBC, he came into contact with Howard Stern, who took pity on him for the way he was treated.

Dell'Abate has worked on The Howard Stern Show since September 4, 1984: originally on 66 WNBC, then syndicated at K-Rock in New York, and now Sirius Satellite Radio.

His nickname is Baba Booey (sometimes misspelled Ba Ba Booey or other variants) and is frequently used on Stern's show, as well as sometimes shouted by fans when they call into other radio or television shows (generally to the irritation of other hosts - see below). Most recently, Howard Stern has considered changing his nickname to "Mac Hine," due to Gary's mispronunciation of "machine" during an alleged IQ test. Despite the seemingly relentless jokes, pranks and taunts at Dell'Abate's expense, Stern readily acknowledges Dell'Abate's intelligence, organizational abilities, excellent memory and strong work ethic.

In 1992, Dell'Abate married his current wife Mary. The couple live in Cos Cob, Connecticut with their two sons, Jackson and Lucas. Jackson has now made at least one appearance on Howard 100 News, where he indicated that his father can ski.

After Gary's brother, Steven, died of AIDS in January 1991, Dell'Abate became a supporter of LIFEbeat The Music Industry Fights AIDS and serves on the charity's Board of Directors.

Dell'Abate is mocked on the Stern Show for having large teeth, big lips and bad breath. A related point of ridicule is the speech pattern in which he turns "s" into "f". Fans also mock Dell'Abate - one fan used to wear a gorilla mask to Gary's public appearances as well as make his own animation cels featuring Baba Booey. Elliot Offen, a regular Stern Show guest and Wack Packer known for running through the streets of New York in full drag and high heels, often fights with Gary, calling him names such as "scum of the earth", "chipmunk", "mongrel", "mongoloid" and "horse face". In particular, fellow Stern Show staff member Sal the Stockbroker has routinely mocked and tortured Gary with prank calls, various song parodies, and a near infinite number of jokes. Gary was often also forced to wear a beekeeper's mask while holding the microphone for Stern show guests.

Gary is also often mocked for his yo-yo dieting. He has attributed his bouts with weight gain to his love of chocolate. He is also an on-again, off-again cigarette smoker. He is often ridiculed for both, giving and receiving Oral Anal contact.

A fan created a likeness of Gary, the "Gary Puppet", which is now stationed in the Howard Stern Show studio and equipped with a mechanism to cause its comically oversized mouth to move whenever Gary speaks to Howard through the studio intercom. The puppet seems to be one of Stern's most prized possessions, possibly due to his fondness for Gary.

Previously nicknamed "Boy Gary", Dell'Abate's "Baba Booey" moniker originated on the Howard Stern Show in 1989, after telling a story of his prized collection of animation cels. In the course of discussing a Quick Draw McGraw cel he might purchase, he misstated the name of McGraw's sidekick "Baba Looey" as "Baba Booey" (In actuality, Gary was not entirely wrong when he referred to "Baba Booey". Quickdraw McGraw frequently referred to Baba Looey as "Baba Boy", which tended to sound like "Baba Booey" and could easily be misunderstood). As is typical of the show, the rest of the cast "goofed" on his mistake, becoming especially merciless since he was mulling the purchase of a cel of a character without even knowing the character's correct name. Dell'Abate said something to the effect that they would forget the name by the next day, yet after nearly two decades it is still his nickname.

Dell'Abate has often recounted that people unfamiliar with the Stern show think "Baba Booey" is his real name. A frequent guest on the TV game show The Hollywood Squares, Dell'Abate was sometimes just called "Bob" or "Baba" by unknowing contestants.

"Baba Booey" as a term has become a mantra for fans of the Howard Stern Show and is often used as a tag for crank calls to live network television or radio broadcasts. For specific examples, see References in popular culture below.

Depending on the context, variations of Gary's nickname are used (i.e. if Gary makes a mistake, he is likely to be called "Rara Retard", if the discussion is about dental procedures, "Tata Toothy"). The following list is by no means comprehensive; if the first syllable of the nickname is repeated twice, the person under discussion is inevitably Gary.

The Bloodhound Gang's song Why's Everybody Always Picking On Me? samples Dell'Abate's 1989 original "Baba Booey" quote.

During CBS News coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, prank caller Captain Janks told Dan Rather that they had found Baba Booey's teeth in the wreckage.

During the OJ Simpson low-speed chase, "Baba Booey" was spoken at the end of a prank phone call to signal the newscaster, Peter Jennings, that he had been fooled. An oblivious Jennings had to be told it was a phony call by fellow broadcaster and Monday Night Football host Al Michaels.

On their final album, The Jerky Boys featured a prank call (titled "Bright") wherein Johnny Brennan — using his Sol Rosenberg voice — called a hair salon claiming to be "Gary Dell'Abate's mom". The call featured Brennan growing increasingly hysterical and accusing the stylists of ruining Gary's haircut "just to make fools of him" and that "he has enough problems with that mouth of his" as well as "his face and his fat ass." The phone call finally ended when Brennan threatened to find Bright (the eponymous stylist of the call) and "kick her in the cunt" for what she had done to "my beautiful, horse-faced boy".

Dell'Abate was once portrayed by Adam Sandler in a sketch on Saturday Night Live. In the sketch Michael McKean portrayed Howard Stern and Ellen Cleghorne portrayed Robin Quivers.

Dell'Abate is the subject of more song parodies than any other topic on the Stern Show. Most of the songs involve melodically repeating one of Dell'Abate's nicknames over and over (usually Ba-Ba-Booey), although some contain actual lyrics, most of which insult Dell'Abate's appearance.

* "A Horse With No Name" by America as "Boy with Horse Teeth"
* "Baba O'Riley" by The Who
* "The CHiPs Theme"
* "Crosstown Traffic" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
* "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson
* "The Downeaster Alexa" by Billy Joel
* "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty
* "The Entertainment Tonight Theme"
* "The Flintstones Theme"
* "Frankenstein" by The Edgar Winter Group
* "Gold Digger" by Kanye West
* "Holla Back Girl" by Gwen Stefani
* "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin
* "The Imperial March" by John Williams, the Darth Vader Theme
* "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath
* "Jeannie" by Hugo Montenegro, the I Dream of Jeannie Theme
* "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie
* "The Macarena" by Los del Río
* "Marguerite" by Dead Eye Dick
* "Me & Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin as "Baba Booey"
* "The Monday Night Football Theme"
* "The Munsters Theme"
* "Party Up" by DMX
* "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire
* "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake
* "The Star Wars Theme" by John Williams
* "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles
* "Take On Me" by a-ha
* "These Boots are Made for Walking" by Nancy Sinatra as "These Teeth are Made for Chomping"
* "Unskinny Bop" by Poison
* "Waste Another Yesterday" by Killingbird
* "We've Got the Beat" by The Go Go's as "He's Got Big Teeth"
* "White Room" by Cream

In 1988, Dell'Abate made a videotaped bid to win back an ex-girlfriend, which came to light in the late 1990s when an ex-boyfriend of the woman called Howard's show claiming to have seen the tape. On the tape, Gary frequently refers to his ex as "man" (e.g., "I miss you, man"), states that his professional life is a 9 (pronounced like "noin") while his personal life is at a 2, and since their split, she has gained a lover and a best friend while he has gained a couple of lovers but has no friends. He also points out that his hair had grown longer during their time apart and that he is wearing his favorite t-shirt, one he often wore while they were together. Such proclamations invited much ridicule from Stern fans and regulars, and snippets of the audio from the tape became oft-used soundbites on the show. While his bid to win back his lady love proved successful, they ultimately broke up for good the following year. He was paid over $25,000 by members of Stern's audience and staff to hand over the tape.

Dell'Abate's contribution to The Revelations Game, announced on January 16, 2006, was that he and a friend of his once paid massage girls to come to their hotel room, but that the girls ended up ripping the two off and left them staring at each other in their underwear. The Stern Show staff roundly criticized Dell'Abate for this sub-par revelation.

Dell'Abate is a devotee of 1980s music, and he sometimes plays "Stump the Booey", an Eighties music trivia game, usually beating his competitor.

Dell'Abate has sung songs on the show written by Fred Norris, in which he ridicules himself for his work habits, eating habits, bad breath and large teeth.

During a hallway fight between A.J. Benza and Stuttering John Melendez, Dell'Abate was accidentally punched in the face while trying to keep the two apart.

On the March 28, 2006 show, Dell'Abate was inadvertently squirted in the eye by a stream of female ejaculate during a segment in which a woman used various high-powered tools to achieve orgasm. Discussion ensued on whether the fluid was actually different from urine, and concerned callers raised the possibility of it containing HIV.

On October 26th, 2006, Gary Become the second regular Stern Show personality, after Artie Lange, to be roasted. The Roast Master was the Reverend Bob Levy.

* Once went by the name Gary Goldstein in order to break into show business.
* Played as a contestant on VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy!
* Auditioned to become a MTV VJ in 1988.
* Is known for his uncanny ability to recall past shows.
* After Stern (and crew) accepted and offer to join Sirius Satellite Radio, Artie Lange revealed that CBS Radio had offered Gary and Artie multi-million-dollar positions to co-host a show filling Stern's old timeslot. Both declined out of loyalty to Stern.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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