Love Connection

Love Connection was a popular American talk show television series/game show, where singles tried to find the best date and/or to have something in common with each other. This show debuted in syndication on September 19, 1983 and ended on July 1, 1994, after more than 2,000 shows. It was hosted by game show veteran, Chuck Woolery. The show returned during the 1998-1999 season, hosted by Pat Bullard.


* Chuck Woolery (1983-1994)
* Pat Bullard (1998-1999)


* Rod Roddy (1983-1985)
* Rich Jefferies (1985-1986)
* Gene Wood (1986-1988)
* Johnny Gilbert (1988-1989)
* John Cervenka (1989-1994 & 1998-1999)


* Eric Lieber - executive producer

The show was a variant of The Dating Game in which a bachelor or bachelorette would select from three potential dates of the opposite sex. A large majority of the contestants were single, in their 20s and looking for Mr. or Miss Right for the first time; however, there were plenty of older contestants who were single, widowed or divorced.

Following a short interview, the audience was shown video excerpts of the three potential dates (of which the contestant had screened in their entirety). The audience is then asked to vote on which date they believe was the right match for the bachelor(ette).

Most of the time, the contestant, who had already gone on the blind date, introduces his / her choice. The date, whom the contestant is seeing for the first time since their night out, is introduced then appears on-screen via backstage hookup. Chuck then proceeds to interview both about what happened on their date.

Sometimes, the couple really hit it off and couldn't wait to see each other again, prompting Woolery to reunite the couple onstage. Other times, the dates went poorly. Regardless of the outcome, Woolery then revealed the audience's vote. If the contestant's and the audience's (majority) choices agreed, Woolery would congratulate the couple for making a "love connection" and pay for their next date. If the audience vote favored another contestant, or if the date went badly, Woolery would offer to pay for a date with the audience's choice; the contestant could choose the 2nd date; or elect to remain on his/her own. In rare instances, a couple would appear to have a good time on their first date, but for one reason or another one party or the other decided not to pursue a second date. This is why Woolery always asked both parties if they were willing to see each other again, no matter how obvious the connection was.

Usually, two or three segments aired per show. On Friday shows, a bachelor(ette) would have the audience determine their date, and he/she would report back several weeks later. If the couple hit it off, they were entitled to a second date at LC's expense. If not, the contestant could choose between the other two matches as before or stay on their own.

This show was produced by Eric Lieber Productions in association with and distributed by: Telepictures (1983-86); Lorimar-Telepictures (1986-89); Lorimar Television (1989-90); Warner Bros. Television (1990-94).

* Reruns of Love Connection previously aired on the USA Network and can currently be seen daily on GSN.
Before January 1, 2007 GSN aired 1988-1992 episodes, most recently the network is airing episodes from 1984
* In Tone Loc's song Funky Cold Medina, the third verse describes his experiences after being on Love Connection.
* Chuck Woolery created his trademark phrase "Two and Two", meaning the program would return in two minutes and two seconds due to commercials.
* Daters were given $75 for the date (mentioned on a 1991 episode recently re-aired on GSN)
* 31 couples who met on the show eventually married. One marriage resulted when a woman wrote a letter in care of the program to a gentleman that she saw on the show and wanted to meet him. He'd gone out on dates with two different women, both of which went badly. They were both featured on the show.
* An early 1990s cover of Mad Magazine depicted Alfred E. Neuman as a contestant on Love Connection.
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