Date Movie

Date Movie is a 2006 spoof of romantic comedies directed and written by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, two of the writers of the first Scary Movie. It stars Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Sophie Monk, Eddie Griffin, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge and Mauricio Sanchez. The film was released on DVD on May 30, 2006. A sequel titled Date Movie 2 is planned, but possibly for a 2009 release. The film was rated PG-13 for continuous crude and sexual humor, including language, although the DVD release of the movie wasn't rated.

The DVD has been released on May 30, 2006.

The DVD comes with an English, French, 2 commentaries, a commentary featuring two critics who apparently did not like the film, and an audience track from a test screening.

The movie starts with the main character, Julia Jones, an obese woman having a dream about marrying Napoleon Dynamite. It turns into a nightmare when Napoleon turns around and rejects her. Julia wakes up screaming and goes to her diary to write an entry. She thinks she will never find her true love.

Julia goes outside and dances to impress men. It doesn’t, as her obesity gets the better of her. One man even shoots himself in the head with a nail gun.

Later on, Julia goes to work at her dad’s Greek diner. Her dad, Frank suggests she gets married. He suggests Nicky, an ugly, stupid and obese man. She then meets Grant Fockyerdoder, her later-to-be husband. Grant is attracted to her. Julia turns around because her dad is yelling at her. She turns back around and sees nothing. She thinks Grant ran away but she accidentally hit him on the head with a coffee cup.

Julia realises she will never find her true love at this rate, and she goes to see a love therapist, Hitch. At first, Hitch rejects her but Julia says she is desperate and walks off. Hitch, feeling guilty invites her in. Julia explains about the guy at the diner and thinks it will be impossible for him to fall in love with her. Hitch takes her to a garage where she will be customized into a beautiful woman. She earns a spot on a reality TV dating show and the bachelor is the man she fell in love with, Grant. Grant greets all the women and is handed a shotgun for the elimination round. Grant shoots all the women, leaving Julia. They have won a dinner for two at A Restaurant.

The two leave the restaurant and head back to Julia’s apartment where they have sex. Julia suggests that Grant meets Julia’s parents.

Now we see a big house, similar to the one in Meet The Parents. Grant and Julia are sitting together along with Julia’s parents, Frank and Linda. Grant doesn’t get along with Frank. Grant goes to the bathroom to see Jinxers, the family cat farting continuously. Things go a lot worse when Grant attempts to open a bottle of champagne but the cork hits a vase that contains Frank’s mothers remains. It goes to the worst when Jinxers begins humping the skeleton.

Later, Julia and Grant are walking down a street when they walk into a jewelry shop. There, we see Frodo, Sam and Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings. Frodo is trying to sell the ring but Gandalf will not let them. Sam and Frodo beat up Gandalf and Sam suggests getting hookers. They run out of the store. Grant then confesses he loves her and pops the question. Julia happily says yes.

Now it's Grant's turn to take Julia and her family to meet his parents. This spoofs Meet The Fockers, as Grant’s father, Bernie is practising a strange martial art. This meeting doesn’t go well either, as Roz, Grant’s mother informs everyone that Grant lost his virginity to their housekeeper, Eduardo. Frank bring along Nicky as well and talks to Julia. He says that Nicky has agreed to marry her and she has no choice. Julia runs off, devastated. Later, Frank and Bernie have a one on one basketball game. Things are bad when Frank gets a huge taste of Bernie’s chest hair.

The next day, Julia and Grant go to a wedding planner. The wedding planner suggests they go to Taco Butt [or Taco Bell] but they want something a little more fancier. She is offended and refuses to plan their wedding.

Julia finally gets the chance of meeting Andy, Grant’s best man at the swimming pool. Of course, Julia thinks Andy is a man, but she is really a woman and is a lot more attractive than Julia. Julia is even more horrified when she finds out that the two were engaged less than a month ago. Andy helps Julia shop for her wedding dress. Julia hits her head on a power box and finds that she can read peoples thoughts. She reads Andy’s and finds out Andy wants to wreck Grant and Julia’s wedding. Julia changes into a Kill Bill costume and fights with Andy.

Julia grows depressed and she realizes she’ll always be the fat woman she used to be. She goes back to Hitch and tells her about Andy. Hitch reckons she doesn’t stand a chance against Andy. But if she does stand a chance, then everything will be fine in the end.

Julia grows confident again and invites her and Grant’s family to dinner at her dad’s diner. Suddenly, Andy shows up and talks to Grant about how he’s using Julia to get over her.

The big day has arrived! But unfortunately, Julia wakes up with a big zit on her face. She eventually pops it, but is late for her wedding. Meanwhile, Andy finally tells Grant how she feels about him, and that Julia doesn’t deserve him. She wants to marry him but Grant steps up and says he wants Julia. Andy ignores him and kisses him. Grant drags Andy off and sees Julia, who has caught them in the act. Julia runs back to her apartment and is surrounded by balloons, gifts and letters from Grant. Julia cannot forgive Grant and agrees to marry Nicky. Julia is sad at the alter. Frank, realizing this stops the wedding and tells her she doesn’t want Nicky. Grant is the one for her. Frank shows Julia a magazine with a picture of Grant and a message. It says to meet him on the rooftop of her apartment building. After an epic journey there, after throwing Andy down a stairway, after bashing someone on the head with a baseball bat to get their bike, she gets there. Only to find Grant has gone. She leans her hands on the railings, causing it to snap. Julia falls right into Grants arms. It is very emotional but they get back together and get married. The priest is Hitch. Andy and Nicky are attending the wedding. The two kiss and enter a relationship. Meanwhile, Grant and Julia leave in a horse and carriage. Julia also gets a present. A vaginal thermometer which apparently has been in their family for generations.

An Owen Wilson look-a-like comes on asking if it is too late to crash their wedding.

The movie ends with Grant and Julia attending their honeymoon on Kong Island. They see a woman [Carmen Electra] tied up by two pieces of wood. King Kong comes on and is called a hairy boy by Carmen Electra. She is smashed to pieces.


* Alyson Hannigan as Julia Jones
* Adam Campbell as Grant Fockyerdoder
* Sophie Monk as Andy
* Jennifer Coolidge as Roz Fockyerdoder
* Fred Willard as Bernie Fockyerdoder
* Eddie Griffin as Frank Jones
* Tony Cox as Hitch
* Nina Avetisova as Bachelorgirl
* Bridget Ann Brno as Bridget Jones
* Carmen Electra as Anne
* Valery Ortiz as Jell-O
* Andrea Kosarew as Deaf Woman
* Tom Fitzpatrick as Gandalf
* Tom Lenk as Frodo
* Judah Friedlander as Nicky
* Gianfranco L'Amore as Native King Kong
* Marie Matiko as Betty
* Josh Meyers as Napoleon and Owen Wilson from Wedding Crashers
* Edward Moss as Michael Jackson
* Mauricio Sanchez as Eduardo
* Meera Simhan as Linda
* Nadia Dina Ariqat as Britney
* Matt Austin as Fireman
* Nick Steele as Kevin
* Lil Jon as himself
* Beverly Polcyn as Old Cat Woman
* Sarah Michelle Gellar as Boogeywoman (deleted scene)
* Midajah McCullum as Sales Girl

Although Date Movie grossed US$ 48 million in the United States and US$ 84 million worldwide, it was panned by critics upon its release. On RottenTomatoes, the movie is considered "rotten" with an 8% on the tomatometer. Also, internationally renowned critic, Sean Ryan, has registered his disgust with the movie multiple times, going so far as to call it 'The Holocaust of Movies.' One of the main points of issue many critics had with the movie was the general consensus that Date Movie did not spoof other movies, rather it merely catalogued them.

There were some scenes in this movie that had to be blocked out or changed, but available on the Unrated Addition. They are:

* In the beginning in the dream sequence, after the Napoleon Dynimite character says gosh, he runs back and falls to the ground.

* The scene where Jinxers is on the toilet is much longer than in the theatrical version.

* When Julia is asking Little Jack questions from cards, She actually ask Little Jack four questions than only two questions from the theatrical verson.

* When Grant and Julia visits Jell-o, the Wedding Planner, they walk in and she introduces herself, and then she says Funkyerdoder then we cut to her walking to her desk where we see her extremely large buttocks. She takes a pencil and sharpens it by using her buttocks. She gets up to tell Julia and Grant where they can get married, her chair is stuck to her and she yanks it off and ends up flying across the room, and goes over to her desk and takes out a picture and suggest that they get married in a trash filled boat called Garbage Barge.She tells Grant that they need to find a best man and then uses her buttocks to throw a lamp across the room and smah to pieces on a desk. She knocks her desk over, and two women appear mysteriously and all three of them dance for a while. The two women leave and Jell-o begins backing up towards Grant and Julia, who scream, but are eventually knocked over by Jell-o's extremely large buttocks.

* The scene in which Julia asks Hitch for help after she finds out that Andy still has a thing for Grant, his response is Do I look like Will Smith to you?

* When the Owen Wilson parody appears at the wedding, he gets crushed by a camera man that is sitting on a tree.

* Upcoming sequel to this movie, a possible 2008 or 2009 release. It will be possibly a straight to dvd feature starring Sophie Monk as the lead actress which will have spoofs of Just Like Heaven, Music and Lyrics and Georgia Rule.

First Week Gross US$ 22,000,611

Domestic US$ 55,368,488

Non-Domestic US$ 123,345,100

World-Wide US$ 178,604,194

* Frank has eight nipples, a reference to a deleted scene from Scary Movie.
* The old cat woman that lived in the apartment across from Julia is played by the same actress who played the old lady who was undercover in Not Another Teen Movie.
* In the scene where Sophie Monk imitates the Carl's Jr. commercial, she displays her disgust for meat on the audio commentary, citing she is a vegan. This is seen in the ending credits where Sophie is seen eating the burger, then scrunching up her face and spitting it out.
* Hugh Grant was filming a movie at the same studio where Date Movie was filmed. When Alyson Hannigan had to get from her make-up trailer to the set with the exaggerated pimple on her face, Hugh ran into her and asked "What are they doing to you?" (This is because Hugh saw Alyson in her fat suit ensemble.)
* The pus and the liposuctioned fat is tapioca pudding.
* The hair on Grant's face at the end is yak hair.
* In France, Date Movie is called Sexy Movie.
* The theatrical poster is a double entendre in itself. It can be seen as an indirect reference to masturbation.
* During the credits it is shown that the directors poured green slime on Carmen Electra as a prank during the King Kong scene.
* In the Pretty Woman scene where Grant crossdresses as a woman, the set of clothes he wore is actually the same original set worn by Julia Roberts back in the original movie.
* Nearer the end, when Julia rides the yellow motorcycle to meet Grant, the person riding the motorcycle is clearly a bare-footed black man.
* In the part of the movie where Julia is getting a makeover, Pimp My Ride style, she gets a T.V. put into her stomach which is never seen again throughout the entire movie.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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